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3 Season Room

Gammon Construction’s 3-season rooms and sunrooms offer an outdoor lifestyle with interior comforts. While they can look very similar, the difference between the two is significant. A 3-season room is like a screened porch that has fully closing windows to block out cold breezes, pollen and rain. Our favorite 3-season porch windows are SunSpace as they offer crystal clear vinyl and flexible venting options. Sunrooms are a bit more complex. They offer all the comforts of an interior room with insulation, HVAC and interior finishes. Usually featuring large windows to let in a lot of natural light and beautiful views of your property. We can help you whether you have an existing porch that you want to enclose or want to start from scratch and build your 3-season room from the ground up.

Sunspace Porches

The main benefit of choosing a 3-season room is that you can get that classic screened porch feeling with the option to close out cold wind, allergens and rain. With SunSpace porch windows you can easily customize the air flow for whatever the Eastern NC weather brings your way. Add an outdoor fireplace or space heater to use a 3-season room comfortably for most of the winter.


Offering a flexible outdoor living space that can be used to extend indoor living space, a 3-season porch is perfect for entertaining or everyday use. 3-season rooms can be created out of existing porches or screened porches. They can be built over existing decks or patios, or you can start with a completely blank canvas. Just like screened porches, 3-season rooms can be any size you need as long as your home and yard has the space to accommodate. So if you need your new 3-season porch to be extra-large for frequent entertaining or you just want a comfy private retreat, we can meet your needs with the perfect porch for you.


Choosing design and materials for a 3-season room can be complicated. With a design & build expert from Gammon Construction guiding the way, you can be sure you’ll get the most in depth information to help you decide what materials and options are best for your family’s lifestyle. 3-season rooms are a great place to add outdoor living accessories, we’ll help you decide if an outdoor fireplace, outdoor kitchen or built-in TV mount is right for your new porch.

Benefits of using SunSpace Windows:

  • Keeps out unpleasant bugs, dust and weather

  • Seamlessly blends with any home’s architecture

  • Lightweight, easy to operate panels

  • Strong, shatterproof and flexible material

  • Cost-effective alternative to glass

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