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Replacing Your HVAC Filter


How to change your HVAC air filter at the unit:

  1. Turn your HVAC system off before changing your air filter

  2. Open the access panels to get to the filter

  3. Remove the old filter. Take note which way the arrows on the sides are pointing

  4. Insert the new air filter

  5. Ensure the new filter ‘Air Flow’ arrow is pointing towards the HVAC unit

  6. Close the access panels

  7. Turn the HVAC system back on


  • Know all the filter locations in your home including each filter size so you can keep replacements on hand

  • You may have one filter location or several depending on your home. Filter locations can either be at the HVAC unit or in an air return on a wall or ceiling.

  • Check your air filters often to ensure they stay clean

    • Timing can vary based on things like filter type, season and length of time in your home

    • We recommend checking at least every month for the first 6 months in your new home

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