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Smoke and Carbon
Monoxide Detectors



  • Never remove the smoke or carbon monoxide detectors

  • Replacing batteries is recommended twice per year to keep them fresh. A good rule of thumb is to change them when updating your clocks for daylight savings time

  • Some units have a built-in lithium battery that does not need to be changed over the life of the unit

  • Manufacturer recommends replacing units every 10 years


How to test detectors and change batteries

  • How to test detectors and change batteries:

  • Push the button on the unit once to test; the unit will chirp and/or begin speaking to you, along with the rest of the units in the house (they are hard-wired together)

  • Push and hold the button to turn the unit off; you can do this after testing or in case you accidentally set it off while cooking

  • Replacing batteries is recommend twice per year

  • a. Access the batteries by sliding the panel over

  • b. You will need a 9-volt for smoke detectors and two AA batteries for smoke/carbon monoxide detectors

  • Once batteries have been swapped, slide the panel over to secure the batteries


Maintenance and cleaning

  • Once a month, remove the unit from the mounting bracket and vacuum the alarm cover and vents with a soft brush attachment; reinstall immediately after cleaning and then test using the test/reset button

  • Do not spray any detergents or solvents into the unit

  • Do not paint the unit

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